Thalidomide Australia Incorporated

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Welcome to Thalidomide Australia Incorporated

Our aim is to provide information and support to Thalidomide survivors living in Australasia, who were damaged as a result of their mothers having taken the drug Thalidomide (as manufactured by Distillers Biochemicals Limited) during their pregnancy in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s. We are also offering support to individuals with Thalidomide-like deformities.


Thalidomide survivors for the most part were born with:

  • Defects of the muscles of the eye and of the face.
  • Absence of the auricles with deafness.
  • Absence or hypoplasia of arms, preferentially affecting the radius and the thumb.
  • Thumbs with three joints or no fingers at all.
  • Defects of the femur and of the tibia.
  • Malformations of the heart, the bowel, the uterus, the digestive tract and the      gallbladder.
  • Defects of the spine

They are the most remarkable group of people, most of whom have made outstanding achievements in their lives, despite living with extreme levels of disability.


Thalidomide Australia Incorporated are solely concerned with helping people with Thalidomide and Thalidomide-like deformities. We are not a scientific or medical foundation. We do not conduct scientific research.