Thalidomide Australia Incorporated

Support Network

Thalidomide Australasia Incorporated is formed 

In March 2008 Lance Fletcher, an Australian Thalidomide survivor, with encouragement from his wife Lesley Fletcher and Ms Kali Wilde, an English Thalidomide Survivor, organised a conference in Sydney Australia, which was attended by many Thalidomide survivors & their families from Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Germany, Japan, Austria & Norway.

The organisers were very keen to set up an ongoing support network for Thalidomide and Thalidomide like people to access information, friendship and also connection to other Thalidomide Survivors around the world.

This dream was realised when Thalidomide Australasia Incorporated was formed at the Sydney conference on Saturday 29th March 2008.

In  June 2008 the name was changed to Thalidomide Australia Incorporated.